What Is Data Visualization And Why It Matters

With the help of data visualization, data can be presented in the form of pictures or graphics. It allows decision makers to view analytics presented visually, so they can identify new patterns or understand the difficult and confusing concepts in a more clear way.

With software like Tableau, the concept of data visualization can be moved one step further. Tableau, nowadays, is used by several organizations to make their presentations more effective.

Data Visualization

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History of Data Visualization

The idea of using pictures to make understanding easier has been around for centuries. From graphs and maps in the 17th century to the introduction of the pie chart in the early 1800s, data visualization was always there.

Visualization of data

The invention of computers made it possible to process large amounts of data at a faster speed. At present, data visualization has become a rapidly developing branch of science and technology that can change the corporate landscape in future.

Why data visualization is important?

Because of the way the human brain processes the data, making use of charts or graphs to picture large amounts of complex data is easier than representing the reports in simpler form without any graphics.

Data Visualization Example

Data visualization is a fast and easy way to express concepts and views in a universal manner – and you can experiment with diverse scenarios by making minor adjustments.

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This was a brief information about data visualization. For detailed information, you may read more articles on data visualization via the internet.