Dog Training with Dog Leash Style of Training

One of the most popular methods of dog training is the leash/collar style of training. This type of training has proven its effectiveness over the years. It is always used when the dog must have a high level of reliability, such as that of rescue dogs, police dogs, guard dogs and dogs for the disabled.

But also will make you and your dog safe when out on the streets you, by preventing pull and tugging. When walking your dog, please consider using a dog poop bag holder that will safely and discreetly carry your loaded dog poop bags. You can buy these poop bags from various online sources like

These dog poop bag holders will attach to your leash or belt and will safely and conveniently carry your loaded dog poop bags and more. The dog must also be trained to poop in the bags. Positive reinforcement is the best tool to use to train your dog. It is superior to punishment in building behaviors your dog on a leash.

Results of positive reinforcement in behavior modification immortal. Punishment changes behavior only while the results will come back later, bringing along with it a more behavioral problem. By using positive reinforcement, you will build a bond of trust and cooperation between your pet and yourself.

Keep your training sessions short. You can train a few times a day, but remember this is supposed to be fun for your dog. You do not want to push her over the edge. Puppies generally have an attention span of about 5 minutes, so do not insist on this training outside or you can teach your dog to train really frightened.