Reading A Short Story Life Experience Can Make Other Lives Better

Life is unfair, as the popular adage says. Indeed, fairness is non-existent for people who want to be treated in a way that they think they deserve. However, no matter how human beings exert their best efforts in order for them to make people treat them that way they wanted, they will still end up disappointed with the events that have happened in their lives. However, a short story life experience can help the readers to know that others have experiencing being treated unfairly by the universe, and this can help them make their lives better.

Sadly, even though that as the technology advances, and this has helped human beings to live more comfortably, safer, and secure, there are times that the chaos in this world will still mess the lives of the creatures dwelling in it. A number of people, sadly, may not have the confidence to deal with these problems, and will end up being in the pits of depression.

In order for human beings to deal with the chaos, it is important that they are connecting with the people in their lives. After all, human beings are made by God to reproduce, and this means no one is meant to be alone. However, there are times that the false standards will stay in the minds of individuals and will end up messing their way of thinking.

With their way of thinking messed up, their way of life can go upside down, as well. Indeed, the World Wide Web have made families and friends feel close since it provides very accessible connection. However, as the Web gave birth to social media, social media has been an effective tool in disseminating information, and others have disseminated the wrong set of standards.

Therefore, individuals continue to ignore the conviction inside them to be who they want to be, and not the way what the society wanted them. This has led to many members of the society feeling discontented with the way their lives have turned out. This is because they have focused their minds on how society have defined success, love, and admiration.

However, they are not the only ones who have been corrupted with the chaos, and the false standards put up by society, there are many others before them. These individuals have gone through the temptations that the current dwellers are dealing with, and have experienced the same risky and doubtful situations. They are also the individuals who can help them.

With stories about what they have encountered, the individuals are able to share to them that others are not alone. They will reassure those entities that they were able to deal with the situation. These individuals are able to help them overcome the challenges, and will allow them to know how to come out victorious.

The best connection that humans can make is not an internet connection, and it is human connection. Building bridges to the lives of their fellow humans are essential for one and all enable to live this life without losing themselves. They are able to know that it is okay for them to feel sad, since others have had an experience with it.