Horse Feeds & Supplements: What To feed?

Horse owners often wonder if they provide enough nutrition for their horses.

In today’s world with hundreds of choices of equine supplies available at local stores or online, owners can begin to feel as if they are doing something wrong if they do not add straw and grain provided.

Here are some key tips to make sure you do everything right for your favorite horse friends – considering, of course, quality hay/pastures that are fed around 1.5% of body weight are the main base for all horse rations.

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Feed commercially prepared grains:

There are many choices of horse supplements available on the market today, to suit all types of horses. Work with your local feed retailer, or contact your chosen feed company, to get help in choosing the most suitable for your horse.

Then, make sure you feed according to the instructions on the tag or bait bag.

If you feed above the recommended range to maintain the condition of your horse, consider going up to high-fat feed which packs more calories per pound.

To ensure that your horse receives the needed nutrients, make sure you buy a product that is low in calories or low.

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If you feed quality commercially prepared feed, and you feed in the recommended amount for your size horse, vitamin and mineral supplements are not needed and are often recommended.

Good joint health starts with proper nutrition from a young age even for horses. Click here to know more about horse supplement. 

Therefore many need to be given Combined and other supplements. This supplement ensures good horse health.