Different Types Of Baby Mobiles

It can be pretty exciting yet overwhelming job to handle a baby especially if the infant is crying. However, one of the ways to calm down the crying infant and entertain is by installing baby mobile on his crib. You can easily buy these mobiles from stores such as https://www.obdesigns.com.au/.

Now, prior to buying the mobile, you must be aware of some of the basics. So first you need to understand that what is baby mobile. So mobile is essentially a hanging structure that holds up baby toys and objects which stimulate and entertain baby.

Then the next aspect would be why you should use this structure. The answer is that in the early stages of baby’s life he is going to spend much of his time laying in the crib. Therefore instead of making the baby gaze at a boring, flat ceiling, a lot of parents prefer to mount a baby mobile to give their little baby an interesting and stimulating feature to look at.

Generally, baby mobiles are bifurcated into two main categories, which are –

  • Ceiling mounted baby mobile – Till a few years ago there was availability of only such type of baby mobile in Australia. This sort of baby mobile is connected to the ceiling of the house by a hook or screw.

The disadvantage of such mounted baby mobiles is that it is required to drill hook or screw into the home’s ceiling. So when the time comes to get rid of the baby mobile you will need to patch the hole left behind.

  • Crib mounted baby mobile – This the most popular variety of baby mobile. This is attached directly to the infant’s crib and can be installed in seconds. You may find out here some latest examples of such baby mobiles. Since they are capable to support more weight, baby crib mobiles have usually more elaborate hangings.