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Paracord Line Survival Bracelet

This article will help in creating any type of cobra standard of living paracord bracelets. You can make a bracelet survival of one color, two-tone or what’s called the style "elite". There are many online guides and videos to make this bracelet.

In choosing to make a bracelet, you need to decide how you want the bracelet to connect, or close. There are many methods with pros and cons for each. If you are looking for paracord bracelet jig then you can search on various web sources.

Closure style:

Side release buckles: This is the closure of most commercially available match paracord survival bracelets that you find in most sporting goods stores.

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Knot and loop: This is my preferred method of making bracelets. There is no hardware to purchase. The key to this style create a nice diamond know for loop to go. This knot can loosen or tighten if you make an error in the measurement.

What you will need is a standard black paracord, over 550 types of paracord. You will also need about 6-8 inches of paracord blue. I assume at this point you have researched and know how to make the standard cobra weave bracelet.

1. Start cobra stitch your base. I usually make two passes before going to the second step.

2. Singe both ends of the blue cable that you will use. Try to make them flat. I use pliers to ensure this.

3.  When you get towards the end of your bracelet, I then cobra stitch at the end of the blue cable at least twice to make sure the blue wire will never "pop" out.

At this point, you should have a look at the bracelet amazing that not only look fashionable, can help you out in a pinch by using the paracord.