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King Abdullah – The Reformer Of Saudi Arabia Has Died

King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz the wily King of Saudi Arabia who ruled his nation since 2005 has died. According to the reports, he was said to be aged about 90 and died due to a long illness.

Abdullah was the 6th king of Saudi Arabia who was a master politician has passed away. Even though popping up on every television screen and have bounced the whole country.

A famous author of America Rob Sobhani has published a book on King Abdullah participation in reforming the whole Islamic nation. And the book is remarked as a tribute to an important and influential 21st century head of state.

n his book, Dr Sobhani has given a detailed eulogy to King Abdullah. As he gained a reputation as a reformer without changing his country’s power structure and maintained good relations with the United States while opposing an independent course in foreign policy.

He will be remembered for his great contribution to the country. Apart from that, King Abdullah pumped billions of dollars into modernization of the Saudi education system.

This great reformer put all his efforts to develop the restricted nation. He opened up the Saudi economy, guided his country into the World Trade Organization.

Moreover, he restrained the authority of the religious police, released some victims of an unforgiving judiciary and cracked down on extremism.

King Abdullah could not resolve the central paradox of Saudi foreign policy but he covered the problem by boosting relations with China, Russia and many other countries.