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How To Maintain Playground Rubber Flooring?

A children's playground with rubber flooring laid to provide a proper cushioning effect and relieve all possible cuts and bruises when children fall.

There are many easy to maintain, affordable and completely child-proof, playground safety flooring options available for the safety of the children.


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Adult supervision is optional

If the playground is equipped with a safety surface, then the parents can be more relaxed and take a walk around with their friends or just sit and watch their children play, from afar.

In addition to avoiding accidents and make optional adult supervision, rubber flooring also go a long way in keeping the child safe and more fun every time.

Wet Pour Rubber

Very effective for public playgrounds, schools and sports areas alike, the wet pour is a type of synthetic rubber that is increasingly being used to create a playground safety surface.

The rubber granules connected by polyurethane resin to make the surface smooth and effective. The floor selection is well equipped to offer contemporary design, the main safety performance, durability and cost-effectiveness for all playgrounds.

Playground Maintenance Rubber Flooring

Keeping your safety surface safe and in perfect condition requires little maintenance. If there are enough motifs and other designs on the floor, it is important to keep surfaces free from any accumulation of dirt and squalor-so that children can enjoy the same.

Damage in this protective surface can cause a bad fall and injury, so keep a close watch for any tears or problems that require immediate repair work.