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How Art Fraud Turned Into Deadly Political Ground 

The Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, who has emerged as a central figure in the controversy related to art scam. Now, this scam has deep roots to US presidential election.

According to the recent Monaco investigation, Dmitry who sold Da Vinci’s masterwork is allegedly said to have tied with Trump. Like other bigwigs, he is a big supporter of the Trump campaign and expected to have possible collusion with the US presidential election.

The Russian fertilizer and billionaire – Dmitry Rybolovlev, who is president of Monaco football club, was earlier in the conspiracy for his art fraud lawsuit, is now big suspense for the US in the ongoing investigation. He has sued the lawsuit of $528 million against entrepreneurial Swiss art dealer- Yves Bouvier.

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Dmitry has claimed that Swiss art dealer overcharged him for the artwork that he has bought from him in 2011. The evidence stating the link between the Rybolovlev and Trump has stated that Rybolovlev and a cabal of Gulf sheiks Chemed in order to benefit Trump and money laundering through artwork sale.

Where the Rybolovlev denies having hand in this artwork fraud, the evidence is stating that he consigned Salvator Mundi to auction house Christie, knowing the Saudis would intentionally overpay to channel the money to an Israeli PR firm that was involved in the presidential campaign.

In his favor, he said that he has faith in Monaco Justice and he is looking for justice. His word for this is- “I am very comfortable about the outcome of the current probes and convinced that the judicial system of Monaco will do its work, which we are waiting for impatiently,”

Well, it was just a few pages of the conspiracy; the future is holding more secrets to reveal.