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All about Hair Replacement Service

You may be considering a hair replacement services for a variety of reasons. Genetics plays an important role in thinning or balding. Diseases and metabolic changes can also cause this condition. There are many different solutions, depending on your particular situation. Some of the most common methods include wigs, topical drugs or prescription, and graft.

Wigs are no longer a one size fits all products. They can be designed specifically for head shape and the desired appearance. Options are available for more or less coverage, and can be chosen from natural or synthetic materials. If you are looking for hair design services then you can visit Alex Emilio.

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If you do not need full coverage, you may consider partial pieces to cover remote areas, and to increase the volume and thickness. Service hair replacement can educate yourself about other non-surgical methods to treat your condition.

Rogaine is a popular topical solution approved by the FDA for the treatment of hereditary baldness. It is applied directly to the scalp in the affected areas, it has been shown to help about 10% -14% of patients who try it.

Among patients who do not experience new growth, it has been shown to help slow loss. Propecia is a prescription pill used to treat male pattern baldness. FDA is also approved, but should be used only under a doctor's supervision.