Welcome to SteveDooleyInc.com! Thanks for checking out my site. Hopefully, you’ve already found some great information that will help you build your MLM business. My objective with this site is to add value to people by teaching them how to explore their network marketing businesses.

I’m married with two small kids, and I’ve been in the network marketing industry for over 5 years. I started out before getting married so I have experienced building a network marketing business as a single and as a married couple. I have always made a good “side” money, but I desired to achieve the ultimate goal that most MLM business models promote during the recruiting process. That goal was achieving Financial Freedom.

That’s right! I wanted to tell the boss to take a hike. I wanted to go scuba diving on a Tuesday while all the other people were at work. If you’re reading this I’m probably describing you (at least to some extent). Most if not all people start a home business because they want some kind of change in their lives. It could be financial freedom, or simply a few hundred extra bucks a month in their pockets.

As most business models teach I started out prospecting my friends and family. Like many in this industry, I blew through them pretty fast. A couple of family members bought some products, but no one wanted anything to do with the business. I was sad, mad, and frustrated at first, but later I found out that what I was taught is what I like to call the “Old School” methods of prospecting team members and clients. Once I got through my warm market (friends, family, people I knew) I would go out every day and cruise grocery stores, malls, parks, etc talking to everyone I met at the direction of my upline. I continued this process sponsoring 1 or 2 people every couple of months